Many of the HiveSocial API requests need to be authorized in order to received data or execute methods. This is done by this Authorization/ Login method, which generated and returns the needed access token for all requests in the next 8 hours. The token needs to be provided as a value of a "X-Auth" authorization header of the request:

curl -H "X-Auth:<YOUR_TOKEN>" <API_URL>

Method: Login


HTTP request

POST https://<YOUR_DOMAIN>/api/v1/en_US/security/login


Do not supply parameters with this method.

Request body

property value description
email string an existing account email
password string an existing account password


If successful, this method returns a response JSON with the following structure:

    "success": true,
    "message": "Adipisicing commodo consectetur ad mollit minim nisi excepteur officia amet ut ex elit elit ut.",
    "timestamp": "2014-03-03T23:20:23Z",
    "errors": {},
    "object": "<YOUR_TOKEN_HERE>"

The general response properties are described on the Response format page. Here are the list of the specific properties for this method.

property value description
object string this string represents the authorization token that you need to provide with your request with the "X-Auth" authorization heade.