User roles

Method: list

Authorization is required. This method lists the types of roles an user can have in HiveSocial


HTTP request

GET https://<YOUR_DOMAIN>/api/v1/en_US/user-role/list


Do not supply a request parameters with this method.

Request body

Do not supply a request body with this method.


If successful, this method returns a response JSON with the following structure:

	"timestamp": "2014-03-03T23:20:23Z",	
	"success": true,
	"message": "Est ut nisi do id labore ad enim non ipsum in.",
	"errors": [],
	"object": {
		"offset": 0,
		"userRoles": [
				"id": 1,
				"name": "guest"
				"id": 2,
				"name": "regular"
				"id": 3,
				"name": "member"
				"id": 4,
				"name": "moderator"
				"id": 5,
				"name": "administrator"

The general response properties are described on the Response format page. Here are the list of the specific properties for this method.